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AKJia is a leading hydraulic quick coupling manufacturer since 2000 in Ningbo China, mainly producing ISO standard hydraulic quick couplings and customized hydraulic quick couplings. OEM produces for hydraulic devices or tools suppliers.

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Quick disconnect couplings are used in many industries and are designed to allow quick and easy connection, disconnection, and changeover of pipes with a constant diameter. Quick disconnect couplings can be used on water or gas pipelines, oil or petroleum pipelines, power-plant piping systems, and more. The ability for quick coupling connections to be disconnected without the use of tools enables technicians to quickly replace damaged parts in the field without disrupting operations.

Ningbo AKJia Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has been a leading hydraulic quick coupling manufacturer, factory, and supplier since 2000. We mainly produce ISO standard hydraulic quick couplings and custom hydraulic quick couplings. Hydraulic quick couplings usually have higher pressure requirements than pneumatic couplings, as well as different fluid materials, which require different body materials and sealing materials. They would be steel couplings, stainless steel couplings, and brass couplings. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing. We mainly produce and supply hydraulic quick couplings, pneumatic couplings are also customized for customers, but not the main product. Because hydraulic products are usually used together, we also solve the problem of purchasing for our customers. Including hydraulic hoses, hydraulic valves, and other hydraulic accessories

We are a direct supplier to many equipment manufacturers and are also a replacement agent in the aftermarket. Most ISO standard quick-release couplings are interchangeable, so our products are also used as replacement parts for many machines.


A leading Hydraulic Quick Coupling Suppliers

Hydraulic quick couplings are devices that allow fast and easy connection between two hydraulic hoses. They are often used in applications where the equipment being serviced may not be easily accessible or space is limited. Quick couplings also allow for quicker disconnection of the hydraulic hose from a piece of equipment, which is handy when someone needs to quickly change out a tool or service an area. Hydraulic quick couplings come in many different sizes and styles, so it’s important to choose one that meets the needs of your particular application.

Ningbo AKJia Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is committed to producing and selling hydraulic quick couplings for more than 20 years, with rich experience in hydraulic quick coupling manufacturing, sales, and support services.

Hydraulic Quick Coupling Categories.

ISO 16028 Flat Face Quick Couplings

ISO 16028 Flat Face Quick Couplers, no-spill, flat face quick couplings widely used in hydraulic applications.

ISO A Quick couplings

ISO 7241 Series A Quick Couplings

ISO 7241 series A quick couplings, general purpose, are widely used in European countries, especially in agricultural and forestry machinery. Push to connect, easy operation.

ISO 7241 Series B Quick Coupler

ISO 7241 series B quick couplings, general purpose, widely welcomed in American Countries, and used in lots of applications. the most popular quick coupling products manufactured in different material. Brass couplings, stainless steel couplings and steel couplings.

Screw To Connect Couplings

Screw to connect quick couplers

Screw-to-connect quick coupling is the connect type by threads. and usually used in high-pressure applications

Other types quick couplings

Other Standard Quick couplings used in hydraulic applications or related hydraulic tools.

Comlock Quick Couplings

Camlock couplings are manufacturerd worldwide according to the American “military specification” MIL-C-27487. This American standard fixes the coupling side in a limited way, but not the connection side.

Other Products We Supply

High Pressure Ball Valves

high-pressure ball valve is a type of valve that is designed to withstand high pressures in applications where fluids or gases are flowing at high rates, such as in oil and gas pipelines, chemical plants, and power plants.

Hydraulic Fittings and adapters

Hydraulic fittings and adapters are connectors used to join hoses, pipes, and other components in a hydraulic system. They are essential for directing and controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid under high pressure.

Flange Adapters

Hydraulic flange adapters are specialized fittings used to connect hoses, pipes, or other components to a hydraulic system using flanges.


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Hydraulic Quick Coupling Connect Types

Push To Connect Quick Couplers

Push-to-connect quick couplers are a fast, efficient way of connecting hydraulic hoses together or connecting to the equipment. These quick couplers can be found in many different sizes and configurations. Quick couplings are simple to use and require no tools other than your hands. To disconnect the hose from the quick coupling all you need to do is push on one side of it and then pull on the other side. This type of connection is also very easy for people with limited mobility because as long as they can grip in some way these quick connectors will have no problem being attached or removed. Many people prefer push-to-connect over threaded connections because it doesn’t require any tools or connections that may get stuck when taking them apart. Push-to-connect connectors are also not likely going to leak if used correctly, which means they’re perfect for industrial applications like hydraulic power units or agricultural equipment that has high levels of water pressure within them.

Screw-to-connect Quick Couplers

Screw-to-connect quick couplers are not so efficient way of connecting and disconnecting, but they have better performance on working stable and meeting high pressure, high flow design. Threaded to connect would be a more solid connection, the high working pressure requirements quick couplings and high flow quick couplings would use the screw-to-connect connection type.

Shut Off Types

Double Shut Off Quick Connect Couplings

Double shut-off quick-connect couplings are a type of quick couplings that both male and female couplers have valves to shut off when they are disconnected. All quick couplings used in hydraulic applications will use the double shut-off design because, in the hydraulic application, there must be a hydraulic circuit, when the quick coupling disconnect, both sides of male and female couplers will have a fluid will leak. They mush have valves to shut off and prevent the fluid leak.

Single Shut-Off Quick Couplings

A Single Shut-off Couplings are typically used in some applications where liquids or gases are released. When the quick-release coupling is disconnected, one end is the supply end and the valve needs to be closed so that it does not leak. The other side is the user side, which does not require a valve. This design is often used for natural gas quick-release couplings, for example.

No Valve Quick Couplings

No valve quick couplings, they will not shut off when the quick coupling is disconnected. they are usually used for the transfer of non-hazardous gases and liquids. for example the pressure washer quick couplers and some pneumatic quick couplings.

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